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Health Warning
The sprinkler system uses RECYCLED, NON-POTABLE water.

Water that collects overnight in holes and puddles may make your dog sick.

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First trip to the dog park?

If this is the first trip to a leashless dog park you need to introduce you pet to the experience slowly -- especially if you have rescued the dog and are not too familiar with his personality or know if he is socialized.

  • Thoroughly read the rules before entering;

  • Make your first trip during a "slow" time at the park -- weekday mornings and late afternoons are best. Avoid weekends;

  • Don't force your dog to stay if he becomes fearful. As his comfort level grows, increase his play time.

  • It is NOT a good idea to leave your dog on a leash. A leashed dog may feel at a disadvantage and will want to protect you. Off leash, the park is neutral territory.

  • Stay close, but let your dog interact;

  • Don't overreact to "normal" dog park behavior. Being overprotective just makes your dog nervous -- and a scared dog is an aggressive dog. As the standards for "normal" behavior in a dog park is very different than elsewhere, it's a great idea to visit alone first and observe.

  • Don't hesitate to ask others at the park for help and advice.

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