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CMBPARK foundation a Non-Profit Corporation

179 E. 17th Street, #153
Costa Mesa, California 92627


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Rules Regulations Etiquette and Tips for dogs and their humans

Keeping Bark Park
Safe, Healthy... and Green
is up to YOU



Important Numbers
Park Ranger 714-754-5252 ( the appropriate person to call for most problems that occur in the dog park)
Police: 714-754-5252 (call only if there is an emergency involving humans or if a human is bitten by a dog)
Animal Control; 714-754-5311 ( call if you find an abandoned dog or observe severe animal abuse)
City Of Costa Mesa: 714-754-5300

Costa Mesa Bark Park Rules
Costa Mesa Municipal Code No. 96-13, section 12-42(c)

Rules are enforceable by Police or Park Rangers
Violations may result in fines or removal from park

  • Bark Park is open dawn to dusk, and closed Tuesday for maintenance. Hours and days may be adjusted as conditions require;

  • Owners shall pick up all dog feces and dispose of it properly;

  • Aggressive dogs are not permitted. Dogs who become aggressive shall be removed immediately

  • Owners are legally responsible for any injury caused by their dog;

  • Any incident involving a dog biting a human must be reported to Animal Control immediately;

  • Puppies under the age of 4 months are prohibited;

  • All dogs must be vaccinated and licensed prior to using the park; Owners must have proof of vaccinations (Tags or certificates) available;

  • dogs in heat, pregnant or lactating are not permitted;

  • No food of any kind is allowed;

  • Owners must have a leash in their possession for each dog. Dogs must be leashed when outside the park

Additional Regulations

  • No food inside the park!
    no people food, no dog food -- nothing edible at all ! Don't bring food inside in your pocket, purses or bags. Do not let your children come into the park with any kind of food in their hands.

  • No Rollerblades, Bicycles, skateboard, Scooters or other wheeled objects

  • Collars: Every dog should wear a collar or harness in the park so you have something to grab of there is a problem. Choke collars should be removed as they can be dangerous to a playing dog. Pinch collars and shock collars are prohibited in bark park.

  • Proper Disposition of Waste: The city has requested that all waste be bagged -- and the bag tied and knotted -- and disposed of in a proper receptacle. Use a shovel only when necessary and then clean it and return to the shed. Don't leave shovels etc lying around on the ground.

  • The Small Dog Park is for the use of small , handicapped, and very senior dogs only. If you come to bark Park with a small and large dog you can't leave either one alone. The small dog will have to go into the main park


It is illegal to abandon a dog at bark park (and cruel) Calif. Penal Code 587
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