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Dog fight prevention in Bark Park

Provided by Costa Mesa Bark Park

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What you Can do to prevent a dog fight

  • Most importantly, KNOW YOUR DOG - what he does and doesn't tolerate; signs that he is getting annoyed; his unique body language;
  • If there is a dog in the park "pushing his buttons" keep them apart. It's a large park move to the opposite end.
  • If it looks like there is about to be a problem distract the dogs. Call, whistle, throw a tennis ball at them, squirt them with a water bottle -- whatever it takes to turn their attention to you.
  • BE VIGILANT -- know there your dog is at all times. Never be more than a few steps away.
  • Learn signs indicating impending problems, like; Dominant body language and posturing i.e. one dog placing his head over the back of another, sideways looks; standing stiffly; pinning.
    Packing can get out of hand when there are too many dogs or a bad mix of dogs;
    Humping Most dogs will just "bark off" a dog if he doesn't like being mounted. If the other dog doesn't "take the hint" ask that owner for help.
    Bad Mix Some days there is just a bad mix of dogs. If you feel uncomfortable, trust your intuition. Take your dog out and come back later.
  • If a dog fight Occurs

    Don't grab the dogs by their collars -- you could get bitten. Pull dogs apart by their hind legs. Keep outsiders out of the fray. Everyone involved needs to remain calm and civil and exchange information. Each party is responsible for damages or injury caused by their dog. If a human is bitten - you must call the police.

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