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This site is about both you, and me achieving success together.

I can give local supporting pet businesses free and low cost advertising

I want to help as many people in the pet industry as possible, but I too, have to pay my bills. Since this site is funded mainly by the dog training business we must have your referrals and support to keep this site going, and to continue giving you the low cost exposure to one of the United States most dynamic dog communities. This means your support and referrals are very important for the continuation of this web site.

Andrew Ledford
The Dog Saint

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Then join our dog business forum.
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After you have signed up as a member to the board I will send you a password to access the DogsOC forum

How to get a listing on DogsOC.com

The Easy Way
There are two way to get a listing the first is to pay for a yearly subscription.
A basic listing is $60 a year
Enhanced listings are $120 a year

Since I do not approve all sites I am offering a free review system on a trial basis. Once you pay for a subscription there are no refunds. If I continue to have the same high level of submissions I may need to go the old yahoo model combined with a yearly subscription. The yahoo model charged a non-refundable fee and if your site qualified they gave you a listing.

It’s highly recommended that you post you listing for pre-approval to our dog business forum private message board before paying for the listing. There are no refunds. If you pay before pre-approval your listing will be reviewed sooner but at your own risk. It may also be rejected. I am not taking any new dog training listings at this time.

Your listing needs to be in Standard English. Do not overly hype your promotional message. Do not use phases that indicate you are the only one in your profession who can help pet owners. If you have certain certification state that. My website members are smart enough to decide for themselves if that makes you more qualified that one without that certification. You can have keywords in your listing, but do not use a list of keyword as the main body of the listing.

Basic listings can have up to 300 characters, that is about 60 words and a website link

Enhanced listings can have up to 600 characters, that is about 120 words plus a jpg or not animated gif image and a website link

There will be wider variety of premium listings and more promotional opportunities in the future. I am open to hearing your proposal. I’m also open to considering proposals for new and novel types of dog business promotions that are also good for site visitors.

The Free way
The second way to get a listing is to refer a paying dog training client to Adaptive Dog Training.

Dog training has been subsidizing this site for the last ten years. Calculated from site statistics I am conservatively guessing that this site brings in between $10,000 to $40,000 of new business to local orange County dog businesses a month. Even when using a conservative estimate this site is responsible for generating over $1,000,000 of business for listed dog businesses over the years.

$60 = review site + listing and link

Upgrade to
$120 = listing with logo and photo and link

$240 = listing with logo and photo + web page and link
+ $25 per small banner ad or text ad monthly out of category


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