Your dog’s risk for Heart worm will get worse in 2010

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The expected escalation of canine heart worm problems in pet dogs is due to four environmental factors, temperature, rain fall, and infected coyote populations. Hold on that’s only three, the fourth is the somewhat rare western tree hole mosquitoes. Well it used to be rare and still is, but this year the western tree hole mosquito population is up 5 times what’s normal. This is according to statistics from the San Gabriel Valley Mosquito and Vector Control District. So San Gabriel Valley folks need to be careful. But what about the rest of us, isn’t Orange County somewhat sheltered from the problems of Los Angeles County? From what I can tell it looks like most of Orange County is fairly safe compared to many other areas of California. However those living in inland Orange County and along the San Diego county line should probably take extra precautions this year.

Wishing all the best in dog training and in life
Andrew Ledford

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