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The International All Breed Canine Association Anaheim dog show 2008

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An interesting dog show deep in the heart of Trabuco Canyon Orange County, California.

An interesting dog show deep in the wild heart of Orange County, California
While the Anaheim show was small it had some interesting dogs participating. On Saturday the Cane Corso took first and my favorite the German Shepherd Dog took second.

Orange County dog show

The International All Breed Canine Association provides another alternative to the ACK, the American kennel club. Although the IABCA is not as rich as the AKC they do provide breed registration and a European style dog show experience. You know me, always questioning the rich and powerful non profit tax exempt corporations. I have to say for being a non-profit the AKC seems to makes a lot of money. I have not been to an AKC show for years and from talking to these dog show participants it seems the AKC has changed some. I heard they no longer spar terriers. Imaging that! And more shocking they now accept schutzhund dogs. WOW! I did not think they would ever do that. But as was said by a participant at this show, they did not want to turn away that money. Hay, every big nonprofit need to make a profit, right?

dog show


Anaheim dog show 2008

It seems that a favorite dog car of dedicated dog show participants is the Toyota van.
Toyota vans and trucks make great dog show cars

A Toyota van and next to it a Toyota pickup truck at the Anaheim IABCA dog show

If you are in the market or a new or used car give Elmore Toyota a call. While I was there the other day looking at dog cars I talked to one of their new salesman, Tuan Nguyen (When). He seemed like a nice guy and didn’t give me a lot of BS. While looking at cars I mentioned that I train dogs and we started talking about the native dogs of Vietnam and he told me about his little Chihuahua, I imagine his little dog loves riding in Tuan’s Toyota. Enough of my expounding on the merits of a Toyota. Tuan Nguyen can be reached at He no longer works at the Toyota dealer.
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